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How to Take the Right Worm Medicine

Worm medicine is useful for preventing and treating intestinal worms that are sometimes not realized by sufferers. But, do you already know how to take the right worm medicine? Worms can be caused by various species of worms. The types of worms that most often infect humans include roundworms (Ascaris lumbricoides), whipworms (Trichuris trichiura), and hookworms (Necator americanus and Ancylostoma duodenale). In its host body, in this case it is human, worms take nutrients from food that enters and from host body tissues, including blood. That is why, intestinal worms can cause blood loss that eventually becomes anemic. Intake of various important nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, and vitamin A, will also be reduced, so that sufferers can experience nutritional deficiencies (malnutrition). This results in the body of worms sufferers become thin and easily tired. If it occurs in children, lack of nutrition due to intestinal worms will disrupt their growth and development p
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Be careful, Air Pollution Can Interfere with the Health of Pregnant and Fetus

Air pollution contains many harmful substances that can interfere with health, including the health of pregnant women and fetuses. So what are the risks of health problems that can occur due to air pollution in pregnant women? The quality of air that pregnant women breathe everyday has an effect on the health of the body and the condition of the Little One in the womb. Air pollution makes air quality worse. Besides disturbing the breathing of pregnant women, air pollution also has a bad impact on the unborn child. Impact of Air Pollution for Maternal and Fetal Health Air pollution can come from motor vehicle exhaust gases, cigarette smoke, dust, to the aroma or gas and chemical vapors. If continuously exposed to air pollution, pregnant women can experience various health problems. This happens because pollutants that pollute the air can be inhaled pregnant women, enter the lungs, make the respiratory tract inflamed, even into the blood circulation. Specifically in pregnant women

C'mon, Start Preparing Disaster Prepared Bags to Standby

Disasters are difficult to predict and can come at any time. Preparing important items in one bag does not mean hoping that disaster will come. The contents of this bag are intended to facilitate you and your family in an emergency situation. When disaster strikes, the most important thing is to save lives. Of course, it is difficult to package things first when they have to evacuate immediately. This is the reason why disaster prepared bags need to be prepared, so that essential items needed for survival can be carried. Not only for yourself, you can prepare disaster prepared bags for all family members. Fill the Disaster Prepared Bag Place all items that need to be carried in a waterproof bag, which is stored in a place that is easily accessible and known to all family members. It's also a good idea to wrap each item in a sealed plastic bag. Bring several items together in one container. Apart from at home, you can also provide disaster prepared bags or boxes at work and pr